About company

“Kublei” LLP – one of the largest processing enterprises of the Republic of Kazakhstan, known for engaging in production of freshly chilled meat such as horse, beef and lamb; so as for canned goods production that was established in 1992 year. The latest modern equipment of leading European manufactures allows the enterprise to release our products with high quality and with exceptional taste characteristics.

The production of company’s finished goods uses only 100% natural ingredients containing no GMO. Whole assortment of “Kublei” LLP is produced in accordance with GOST, ST RK, technical regulations of the RK and Customs Union, including the Organization Standards. For assuring in high quality of manufactured products, there is the certified industrial laboratory, undertaking comprehensive quality control of microbiological, organoleptic and physico – chemical properties of ingredients and finished goods at the enterprise.

For many years, the integrated management system has been functioning in “Kublei” LLP that complies with the requirements of the standards:

The activity of the enterprise corresponds to all the requirements of these standards. This is confirmed by the results of internal and external annual audits.

The company has developed and implemented a policy in the field of quality management system and food safety, which is guided by the following basic principles:

  • Systematic analysis of current and future requirements and expectations of consumers and their satisfaction with our products;
  • Strict compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • Maintaining consumer confidence in the safety and quality of our products by exchanging information between the company and its concerned parties;
  • Meeting the requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of management systems based on the principles of standards ST RK ISO 9001 and ST RK ISO 22000;
  • High level of discipline, motivation and staff development;
  • Improving the efficiency of the company, its competitiveness;
  • Keeping up the prestige of the enterprise on the developed sales markets and creating a positive image on the new ones.

Annually set goals in the field of quality and food safety. The company's management is personally interested in engaging the team in achieving its goals, creating conditions for effective work, constantly improving the effectiveness of the quality management system, the HACCP system, and producing high-quality, competitive and safe products.

The company currently owns two factories:

  • Canned food factory with total square over 15 000 m2 and total output – 200 000 cans per shift, placed in Uralsk town, Grigorii Potanin street 13/3.
  • Meat – processing complex with the total square 12 000 m2 and total capacity – 20 000 ton of meat per year, placed in Uralsk, Rybcekh countryside, 55.

At the canned food factory are located: the administrative building, the facility for production delicatessen canned food, the facility for producing preserved vegetables, the vegetable storehouse, the facility for producing canned meat, the facility for producing canned fish, the cold rooms; the warehouse for storing raw ingredients and the warehouse for storing finished goods that are connected with railway lines.

Nowadays our company releases over 100 different labels of canned products: canned meat, meat and cereal canned food, canned fish, delicatessen canned, canned fruit and vegetables, canned chicken meat, ready-cooked dinners, Kazakh national dishes and along with preserved dairy products. Automatic process of production contributes attainment to the high quality manufactured products.

The meat – processing complex as well as the slaughterhouse are fully automated, installed with the European equipment and equipped with the boning meat lines, the cooling system cameras, the shock freezer cameras and the cold stores with volume of more than 3 000 ton of meat. Presently, the slaughter of livestock, the production of freshly chilled meat and semi – finished products take place at the meat – processing complex. Also at the meat – processing complex operates the facility for processing slaughterhouse waste into production meat and bone meal (protein – mineral supplement). The company accentuates its attention in preparing staff through training. The training programs and courses are taken at the expense of the company, and the industrial internship takes a place inside the facilities of the factory. The professional training of new employees unites theoretical so as practical knowledge that provides the company with the required qualified specialists. The company covers the full social package, affords the stable and constantly growing salary to its employees and holds corporate holiday. Currently, more than 450 employees work at the company.

Our production is not only in high demand, but also constantly receives the top awards and medals, reaffirming the high quality, that has been marked in various national, foreign, international specialized and professional exhibitions and competitions:

  • In 2011, the company was honored with the award “Paryz” in the nomination of “The contribution to ecology”.
  • In 2013, the company got the first place for “The best food products” in the regional competition – exhibition “The best product of Kazakhstan”.
  • In 2012 – 2014, the company received the mark “EXCELLENT” in production quality area for achieving significant outcomes, oriented on the social responsible business ensuring its products safety, and for integrating highly effective methods of quality control.
  • In 2013, the company participated in the exhibition “Sapaly Onim” and took the first place.
  • In 2013, the company was honored with the award of the president of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Altyn Sapa” in the nomination of “The best company producing products for population”.
  • By the end of 2015 year, our company had the highest position in the rating based on the results of financial and economical ranking and took: the GOLD rank among other companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sum of places of four nominations of financial and economic activity.
  • In 2017, the company received the “first” place (Gold) among companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan by indicator “The sum of taxes” (GCEA-10.13.0) (GCEA-10).

We are confident that the constant control of quality manufactured products, the expansion of the assortment and the affordable prices are the factors, which will support us to keep the position as one of the market’s leaders and satisfy the needs of different customers.

Prizes and awards

The Altyn Sapa Prize

The best taxpayer of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017

The Altyn Sapa Prize

Prize of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, national award for achievements in the field of quality.


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