By results of state statistic ranging  Kubley Ltd. were chosen from all Kazakhstan enterprises of the country, as the best taxpayer of the Republic of Kazakhstan by 2017  TOP-1.




“Kublei” company is the  leader on the domestic market of canned meat and fish. Modern production facilities situated in Kazakhstan and used advanced technology make it possible for Kazakhstan leader to produce hundreds thousands of cans. Products range consists of more than 100 names. Highly skilled employees of “Kublei” company offer quality and natural product to customers. Therefore the products are demanded not only on Kazakhstan market but near abroad and far-abroad markets.

Kublei investment strategy is directed to continuous expansion of the range of goods and adoption of new production facilities upgraded with European quality equipments.

Kublei continually introduces high quality products to the market, does not contain food additives and GMO demanded by the customer. Products include the following groups:

Meat group – canned meat, canned Kazakh national food, canned meat and cereal, delicacy canned food and also ready-cooked dinners.

Fish group – canned Atlantic fish and fresh-water as in oil and in tomato sauce.

And horticultural group is peas, corn, bean, Russian salad, Mexican mix, each product which can is used as garnish or become “special” to any salad.

All LTD “Kublei” products is precooked dish. Canned meat contains natural juicy meat and spices for cooking it is necessary just to add garnish and ready meals will surprise you and your guests with their perfect taste and smell. Canned fish is possible to use both in garnish and in salads which will surprise you with their nice taste.

LTD “Kublei” takes active part in international and regional exhibitions in which regularly estimate the quality of producing products with gold medals.

The secret of Kublei company success is in full integrated production process beginning from purchasing fresh raw materials from domestic and world producers passing multi-stage control into ready product to delivery to the customers natural ready product. The company stability is in highly skilled, well coordinated and promising personnel as well as in its reliability and responsibility to partners.

Kublei company expresses sincere gratitude to our clients and partners who choosing us, were convinced in our professionalism and became our part.

Kubley Company expects expansion of business contacts and invites to cooperation all companies which strive for mutually beneficial business.

Purposes of the company

To produce goods of guaranteed perfect quality and customer value. These goods help to save time of each person who spends it on cooking. Main advantage of our goods is QUALITY and 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS!

Our company is a modern production equipped with first-class processing lines of high quality beginning from varnishing of food tin with high-quality lacquer coating used in food industry of European quality up to own package production to produce canned production. We use only high-quality raw materials of producers from Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Canada, Argentina, Poland, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Brazil and Uruguay.

Highly qualified personnel work in the company. The personnel put both its knowledge and soul into development of the company. Therefore Kubley brand product keeps its high quality and traditions.

The scientists counted that women spend 8,5 years on cooking: to serve – to clear the table, shopping, dish washing… Our company purpose is healthy population of Earth planet and accordingly future generation minimizing its time which spent on cooking of natural food, unpreserved food, food additive-free and dye-free food. We want you to spend time spent on cooking of delicious and healthy food on your family and friends giving them attention. Not making efforts and not spending much time you get the best production of perfect golden quality on your table. 

The company principles

-       strict compliance with law requirements and regulations;

-       keeping the customer assurance in safety and quality of our production by exchange information between the company and interested party;

-       improving of management systems on basis of international standards determining system principle of analysis of possible risks of chemical, physical and bacteriological origin and these risks control;

-       management systems conformity with ST RK ISO 9001, ST RK ISO 22000 standards and continuous increasing of Management Systems effectiveness;

-       high level of discipline, motivation and professional development of the personnel;

-       improving of economic company effectiveness.

KUBLEY LLP Company management is obliged:

to ensure comprehension of main principles of quality and safety Policy and the Policy implementation on every performance level by knowledge and involving of all employees into quality assurance and continuous improving work;

to provide with all resources required for managements systems operation and their continuous improving.

Kubley LLP advances and develops with Kazakhstan. We began our production in 1992 from one name “Beef stewed”. Today our goods range includes more 100 names including delicacy canned food, canned meat and cereal; ocean fish, sea fish and fresh-water fish both in oil and in tomato sauce as well as canned fruit and vegetables.

We do not stop at what has been accomplished but we advance. The chief advantage of our company is that in spite of any new developments in food industry and different food additives we produce our food on basis of recipes including 100% natural and ecologically safe ingredients. We produce the best canned food!


Преимущества компании

The Company’s food production quality and safety policy is founded on modern quality philosophy – company’s success is determined by quality of all elements of its activity: continuous production quality and processes improving, personnel qualification degree and personnel interest in the company’s success, mobility in market conditions, compliance with safety and environment requirements.

Strategic tasks of KUBLEY LLP management are quality, safety and competitive strength assurance of goods produced and developed and services up to standard. This standard allows to keep and to expand market outlets ensuring stable operation of the company and economic development of all employees of KUBLEY LLP.

Food quality and safety policy is applied to production and sale of canned meat, canned fish and canned meat and cereal.

In our activity we are guided by the following first principles:

analysis and highest possible meeting the requirements and fulfillment of wishes of the customer.


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