Award "Altyn Sapa"

By results of state statistic ranging  Kubley Ltd. were chosen from all Kazakhstan enterprises of the country, as the best taxpayer of the Republic of Kazakhstan by 2013-2014-2015. TOP-1, in the nomination by the sum of places of four types of tax.




“Kublei” company is the  leader on the domestic market of canned meat and fish.

Modern production facilities situated in Kazakhstan and used advanced technology make it possible for Kazakhstan leader to produce hundreds thousands of cans. Products range consists of more... Далее

Purposes of
the company

To produce goods of guaranteed perfect quality and customer value. These goods help to save time of each person who spends it on cooking. Main advantage of our goods is QUALITY and 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS!

Our company is a modern production equipped with first-class processing lines of high quality beginning from varnishing of food tin with high-quality lac...

The company

-       strict compliance with law requirements and regulations;

-       keeping the customer assurance in safety and quality of our production by exchange information between the company and interested party;

-       improving of ma...


The Company’s food production quality and safety policy is founded on modern quality philosophy – company’s success is determined by quality of all elements of its activity: continuous production quality and processes improving, personnel qualification degree and personnel interest in the company’s success, mobility in market conditions, comp...

New products
Address: Republic of Kazakhstan
E - mail: - sales department - purchase department
Waiting room: (7112) 21-15-05, 21-38-78
Sales department: (7112) 21-06-18
Purchase department: (7112) 21-14-04
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